Friday, December 14, 2007

If I didn't laugh, I would have to cry

This has certainly not been Lothlorien here this week.

First, I never realized I would miss the humidity. My hair is straight as a board, my sinuses hurt, and I keep getting nosebleeds. I am actually having to run a humidifier in my house!

Now, on to the trials from my children.

First, imagine the horrified expression on my face as CC announced "B pee-peed in the sink!" Sure enough, he had relieved himself in the bathroom sink. As I stood paralyzed in stupefication, my DH was much more philosophical and took this as an opportunity to teach B the many wonderful qualities of 409 and bleach.

Tuesday, CC and I were at home, with each of us doing our own stuff. She came by at one point and I thought she looked a bit odd, but dismissed it as not having her hair combed. Then I found locks of hair in the kitchen floor and took a better look at her. Yep, she had given herself a mullet. An emergency call to the hairdresser resulted in her new Dorothy Hamill look. After having to explain to everyone why she needed a haircut (and me calling her CC Scissorhands all day), she has now taken to asking me every time she wants to use the scissors on anything. (We'll see how long that lasts).

Finally, B stood in his sister's dresser drawer in an attempt to touch the ceiling and broke the drawer. My DH was home for that one (and I wasn't), so I only heard about the aftermath.

And CC brought me a flower from our garden today and they both give me hugs and kisses and play their new games together and I know that everything is right with the world. (But I'm still going to harass her about that haircut for quite a while.)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Big purple mommy

Got this story second-hand:

My DH was walking B to the bus the other morning. They were looking at the sky -- it was striped oranges and blues and whites. My DH asked B what he though it looked like.

"It looks like Mommy sewed the sky," he replied.