Sunday, November 9, 2008

There are good things to every thing a child learns, but there are also bad things. This is what I found on my shopping list today.

"CC," I asked. "Did you write chocolate on my list?"

"Yes," she replied. "I couldn't find any chocolate that I liked, so I want you to buy some at the store."

"And how did you learn to spell chocolate?"

"Oh, I just looked on my brother's paper." (He had been surveying us and graphing our favorite ice cream flavors. He is disappointed that more people don't like strawberry ice cream. Note his contribution to the list.)

So, if you think it's a good think to teach children to write, just remember that it also enables them to add things to your grocery list.

Timing is everything

B came running out. "CC swallowed a bouncy ball!"

I checked on her and she seemed fine -- no choking. She was only a little remorseful (I think mostly at being caught doing something she knew she shouldn't.

So, we decided to give her Ipecac and make her throw it up. We figured if we waited, we were looking at an ER trip, bowel obstruction, etc. Besides, throwing up is a good negative consequence for putting something in your mouth that you shouldn't.

Of course, after we administered the Ipecac, we got more details. It was a ball that she had bitten in half a week earlier and she only swallowed about 1/4 of it. I had thrown away half, and other bits and pieces were in the floor in the bedroom. No cause for panic now, but still thinking that throwing up is a good consequence for her.

She took the Ipecac and randomly would say that her stomach didn't feel good, but nothing happened. We got everyone ready for bed, read stories, etc. and were giving hugs and kisses goodnight.

"I don't want to kiss CC goodnight," says B, "'cause she is going to throw up."

"You're fine." I lectured. "You're not going to catch anything from her. Go and kiss your sister on the cheek and give her a hug."

Just as he leaned in to hug her, I saw her face look funny, but it didn't register on me until too late. Yep, she threw up right on him -- got his shoulder, his ear, and so forth.

As he rushed to the bathroom, he yelled, "See, Mom, that's why I didn't want to hug her!"