Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day. It was not exactly the idyllic repose featured in advertisements.

Three of us are in various stages of some nasty virus (maybe the flu?). CC already had this, so she's fine and bouncing off the walls and really happy that no one cares that she's spent the day mostly eating butterscotch pudding and fruit snacks. B and my DH have ended up with pinkeye. B still has a fever off and on. I am over the fever, but am still very tired and my throat hurts, so eating is very difficult for me.

I got to sleep in (yeah, me!) and when I woke up, they presented me with a store-bought card (from my DH), a hand-drawn card (from B), an i-Tunes gift card, and a huge Hershey bar. CC kept offering to help me open the chocolate and I kept refusing, so she finally changed tacks and said "Mom, will you share your chocolate with me?" (her real goal, anyway). I got a nice hot bath with a good book, my chocolate, and my Dr. Pepper.

It was the afternoon that made me want to head for the hills. I was in the tired phase again. B was running a fever. Both of his eyes are red. My DH is clearing gunk out of his eyes. CC has shown me that she can log herself into my computer and run Reader Rabbit Preschool. The power goes out (for 4 hours). And, last, but not least, my DH has to go into work to monitor the TV signal of a basketball game.

My kids ended up giving me the best love possible on Mother's Day. They let me take a nap for 2 hours. They played quietly and peacefully together. My DH came home after the game and brought a pizza.

And the best parts? CC would just come and sit in my lap and grin up at me and say, "Hi, Mama." She'd stay for a minute or two and then go back to playing. And B? He'd just randomly come by wherever I was today and say "I love you so much." At dinner, he asked his dad, "Do you know who I love the most in all the world?" "No, who?" "Mom," he says with a huge grin.

I could have asked for a better Mother's Day, but I couldn't have asked for any better way to know I was loved.

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