Thursday, September 13, 2007

I've been gnomed!!!

There I was, innocently putting away my china and Christmas dishes in the dining room buffet, when I saw it -- an Aggie gnome.

He has joined his new friends Bob, Not-Bob, and Baby Bob (the concrete geese) in the circle under the tree in the front yard. The movers arranged those, BTW.

But what do you name an Aggie gnome?


Angela said...

*laughing* Oh that's good!

Possible Gnames for an Aggie Gnome?

Messy (MSC)

GRock (the yell leaders always tell us stories about Rock)


deej said...

Oooh . . . I like Zip. Kinda goes with the Bobs.

Does that mean a t-sip gnome would be named Not-Zip or Unzip?

Angela said...

Unzip, I think....but I bet it'll be a loooong while before you see a t-sip gnome in your yard.....the Aggie gnome kinda wards those types of gnomes off

deej said...

Yeah, but I cracked myself up so much with the 'UnZip" thought that I had to share it.

Karrie said...

but who left the gnome? that's what I want to know!

deej said...

I think the gnome was packed in with my china, so that means it was actually left at the old house and packed and moved here.

Considering I was up here when they were packing and there were lots of visits and help from friends/neighbors/relatives, there is no telling.

My DH has been so busy getting things together that the gnome could have come in the front door singing and dancing and he wouldn't have noticed it.

And I don't believe any small children (mine or otherwise) were involved because no one has blurted anything out to me yet.