Friday, September 7, 2007

The Shop Hop Princess

CC and I really enjoyed the quilt shop hop. It was a great excuse to drive all around the area. I just had to stop myself before becoming obsessed with making sure I visited ALL of the shops on the list and missing out on other fun for the kids.

CC was a great shopping buddy. She was patient and happy to look around. Actually, she is probably more dangerous as a shopping buddy than anything because she encourages my behavior.

She had several consistent questions for the shop owners: (1) Do you have any toys? (2) Where is the potty? (3) Do you have any candy? (4) Do we get a door prize?

Shop #1: CC drew a candy out of a basket for me and won a small grab bag. Talked me out of a bag of M&Ms and a matching child/doll skort pattern for her and her doll Ruby.

Shop #2: CC found a tiara, a baby doll, and won the hearts of the shop owners. They wrapped her in a turkey feather boa (to go with the tiara), took her picture and printed it out for me. She was definitely a shop hop princess there.

Shop #3: CC found a metal purse and filled it with buttons from a big tub. She then put it all back and came and found me. She asked them where the McDonald's was. I, of course, took her there for lunch and playtime.

Shop #4: CC wanted to step on all the numbers placed on the floor around the shop (for door prizes), asked where our door prize was, ate two brownies, and showed me the Statue of Liberty curtain ("look, Mama, the United States and a America flag").

Shops #5 & 6: We picked up B at school and took him for the last two shops. I figured it would be quick because I had already been to these shops last week (that's how I found out about the shop hop). B wanted to know if they could play hide and seek in the rows of fabric bolts. I don't think he's much of a shop hopper.

At Shop #6, they had placed some footprints on the floor leading to a sale rack. B and CC had a great time walking forwards and backwards on them. An employee said he was waiting for someone to do that -- and was surprised it took until afternoon for it to happen.

I managed to remind myself that I was in a hotel and didn't have room for a lot of quilt shop purchases. However, I did collect all of the new Clover Yo-Yo tools -- they not only have circles, but also hearts and flowers. Now I'm just waiting for my fabric stash to show up tomorrow.

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