Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What do you do without the children?

The kids are at G'ma & G'pa's for a week and I am still trying to adjust. It's been weird not having to be home at a certain time, not worrying about meals, and just doing whatever I want.

Unfortunately, what I want seems to be very random. When they were littler, sending them off for a week meant I got to take a bath, go grocery shopping, and read a book. Now, they are pretty good with that kind of stuff, so I really have to concentrate and ask myself what I don't do because it's too hard with the kids.

So, the first day I spent 3 hours in the bookstore just browsing and wandering. I only wandered into the children's section once, caught myself, and skedaddled out of there. Today I'm going shopping for a bathing suit -- with no one playing hide and seek under the clothes racks.

I also realized this was a good time to seal the grout in our new tile floors -- easy to avoid foot traffic while the sealer dries. Yesterday I did the laundry room as a test; today was the kids' bathroom and the front entryway (just had to block the dog from entering). Tomorrow will be the kitchen and breakfast room (guess we'll have to eat out -- darn).

Then, I got excited and started talking about how easy it would be to paint the kids' rooms while they are gone. The walls are just plain off-white and I want some color like we used to have in the old house. My DH just looked and me and said, "No." He pointed out my tendency to get WAY too ambitious and then get freaked out and wants me to spend this time doing some house things (like the floor) and some things for ME and sometimes just relaxing. Okay, okay.

And now I'm off to go shopping -- all by myself. Yeah!


Angela said...

Go, DH!

deej said...

Hey, whose side are you on, anyway???