Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas quotes from CC

CC: "I got the most presents. I must have been very nice." A few minutes later: "Grandpa only got three presents. Oooh, he must have been very naughty!" (which Grandma agreed with -- Gpa didn't get many presents because he went out and bought whatever he wanted, so not much you could get him -- very naughty)

CC: "I drew this Christmas tree. Do you know what the purple stuff is around it? It's the garlic." (Ah, the garland. I love the funny pronunciations they have -- Grandma is proud of how B is growing up, but still misses the year of the Crackernuts)

Store clerk on December 23: "Is Santa going to come to your house?" CC: "No, he already came." Clerk: "What do you mean?" CC: "There's already a bunch of presents under our tree!"

Me: "CC, you kept Gma's Cat in the Hat fingerpuppets!" CC: "Yeah, I'm tricky!"

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