Friday, July 4, 2008

At least he doesn't have a credit card yet . . .

I found a piece of paper with a 1-800 number written in my 7-year old's handwriting.

"What is this for?" I asked.

"That's because it's not available in stores," he started.

"No, I mean what THING is it for?"

"Oh, the pancake puff maker. But I am missing one of the numbers, so I have to watch and try to finish it."

I think we need to go back to DVDs and stop watching commercial television. In the long run, it would probably be cheaper.


Angela said...


*laughing a lot*

deej said...

Now CC is explaining to me that if I need to brush the back of my back teeth, I need a Reach toothbrush. We pulled out the DVDs today.

deej said...

I saw the Pancake Puff maker at Target, so I went ahead and bought it. DH told me "thanks" when B woke him up early Monday morning to make pancakes (for the third day in a row).

They ended up filling the little puffs with butterscotch and chocolate pudding and they were quite good.