Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I don't even want to know

My DH was checking on B, who was out of bed using the bathroom. B was acting a bit surly.

"Is there something you're upset about?" queried Dad.

"I'm mad at my sister."


"Because she came into my room, squirted water from my squirt gun on the floor, and then drank the rest out of the squirt gun. And I was saving that to be ready for tomorrow."

"Go to bed."

Dad then walks into CC's room. She turns away from him. He asks her if she was in her brother's room. She doesn't want to talk, and Dad realizes it's because she has something in her mouth. He takes her into the bathroom to spit out the gum she is apparently chewing and speaks very strongly to her about NEVER, EVER chewing gum in bed.

Then, my DH comes to tell me the story. "BTW, he says, is CC allowed to chew gum?"

"She has a few times," I replied, "but not lately because she just swallows it."

"Well she was chewing it in bed."

I was puzzled, because I don't think there's any gum in the house. It's all in the car. So, I ask, "Was it yellow?"

Sure enough, it was. That explains why her Scooby Doo poster keeps falling down. She's chewing the Ticky-Tac that was holding it up.

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