Tuesday, August 28, 2007


CC and I checked out a few quilt shops today. The first had a lot of great fabric, but was run by two older guys who seemed to want to pressure people to buy something. Only a couple of other people in the shop and they didn't stay for long.

Found another quilt shop, smaller and fewer choices, but run by some fabulous women who told me all about the local quilt guilds, their shop's clubs, their classes, and anything and everything quilt-wise in the area. They had a basket of toys and books for CC and talked to her as well. Lots of people wandering in and out and sitting on the floor matching colors and picking out fabrics. I was in heaven.

Now, my dilemma is that I found out there's a big Shop Hop scheduled in the area for the same weekend that I move into my new house. Is it wrong to hope that my furniture won't be delivered until Monday so that I can make it to all the stores (the Hop starts on Thursday, so I should get some of it knocked out then).

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . .


Angela said...

It's not wrong to hope your furniture isn't delivered until Monday.....it's only wrong if you call up and *re-schedule* the delivery for Monday.

Joann said...

The voice of experience says, "Best to capitalize on Thursday and Friday hopping as 'Murphy' will surface at the most inopportune time."