Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Do I feel manipulated?

I didn't even realize I was being manipulated until I got the rest of the story from my DH.

We were tucking the kids into bed. I was reading CC's story. She only got one story because she wasn't brushing her teeth after being told several times. Dad was reading B's two stories.

After I finished CC's story, she joined B and Dad and I went into my room to watch TV. B comes in a few minutes later and asks if I will read his second story because Dad's eyes are tired from the flu. I agree and read "Pinkalicious" to both kids (CC gets to listen to his story, but can't pick or interact -- that's the rule).

My DH later tells me that B came up with the tired eyes reasoning second -- his first comment was to have Mom read his second story so that CC really got a second story, too.

I have never felt so proud of being manipulated in my life.

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