Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not clueless, after all

Turns out CC isn't as clueless as we thought.

On Saturday, I reminded them that we were going to a birthday party. CC immediately looked worried and said, "Oh, Mama. We're going to the King's birthday. Since I got the Baby Jesus, I need to bring the cake."

I explained that we were going to her friend K's birthday and that her mom would provide the cake.

Ever since then, CC continually checks to see when she is going to need to bring the cake for the King's birthday. The phrase "next year" is just a concept that she doesn't understand yet. Right now, we're on "a lot of days from now" and "I will tell you when."

I am doomed.


Karrie said...

now that's downright funny!

Angela said...

you could always have her buy a 'king's birthday' cake *before* next Mardi Gras......say around Easter to celebrate the return of the King. (Unless you really wanto have to deal with her anxietyfor the next 11 months)

deej said...

Yeah, but she's so enamored of Baby Jesus that she would want the new one and agree to buy the next cake and it would just go on from there. And I can't explain a "King's Cake" without the Baby Jesus. My detailed son would harass me over that.

I think I'm just going to go with writing it on her calendar and letting her mark off the days. That will at least reassure her that we won't forget.

Now to find a 2009 calendar so I can mark Twelfth Night on it . . .