Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New marketing idea for cleaning products

I had been wondering for a couple of days what the white stuff was. First, it was on CC's shirt. Then, some appeared on her dresser. The final straw was when it appeared all over her mirrored closet door.

"CC, what is this?" I asked.

"The doggies are playing in the snow," she replied.

Sure enough, there were two little doggie stickers in the midst of the blizzard. "But where did you get the snow from?" I continued to question.

"From your bathroom."

I racked my brain for what it could be. It didn't seem like toothpaste (her previous choice for home decorating). "What is it from my bathroom?"

"You know, the stuff you put under your arm." And she proceeded to demonstrate how it was used.

And I realized that cleaning products are mismarketed, because none of them tell you what will remove underarm deodorant from a mirror. Then again, something like that probably wouldn't sell, because who could anticipate needing it?

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